About Jaha

..and its origin story

Why jaha?

We get asked this quite often.

The word jaha means different things to people around the world. It can mean 'yes', 'really?', 'right then', 'so', 'oh', 'ah, right!', and many other things. If you're into SEO it's also an acronym for the Journal of the American Heart Association.

What does it mean in Australia?

It's a four letter brand or .com.au domain name that's easy to search, say, and remember.. and an accounting firm based in Brisbane.

..the extended (origin) story

Ever noticed that when listening to someone over the phone you say things or make sounds to let that person know you're still on the line?

Growing up in South Africa and listening to parents talk to customers, family and friends over the phone my word for this was 'ja-ha' (roughly translated as yes-hm) - Robin Lamb (founder)

It's personable, simple and represents what we're trying to do. Jaha provides value driven small business advisory, accounting, tax and bookkeeping services - with a personal touch.

What if I'm from Generation Z?

Think of the the three dots that let you know someone is responding to your message!

The numbers

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11 years

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