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As a small business owner, it's no surprise that you're struggling to keep up with the challenges of running your business. It's hard trying to juggle finances with every other aspect of running a business, but with a dedicated small business accounting team such as Jaha, you can rest assured that your business is being taken care of.

You can count on us

to do the counting for you

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Your relationship with your accountant is a very important one in helping your business succeed. Thats why as a small business focused accounting firm, we do our best to treat each customer with the same level of care and diligence, to ensure you never feel out of the loop or excluded.

Small Business Accounting Services

  • Financial Statements Preparation
  • Financial Statements Presentation
  • Management Reports
  • Accountants Letters
  • Forecasting Sales
  • Budgeting in Business
  • Pricing Calculations
  • Accounting for Decision Making

Do I need an accountant?

You should consider hiring an accountant if you have more than $20,000 in annual sales. If you have less than $20,000, then you probably won’t need an accountant just yet.

There are three main reasons why people hire accountants:

  1. They want to save time;
  2. They want to work with someone who understands what a successful business looks like; and
  3. They want to make sure they're paying the right amount of tax.

If you’re looking for an accountant who has experience with your industry, then you should ask what kind of clients they’ve worked with before. You also need to find out how much experience they have with your type of business.

If you need an accountant who can provide you with a clear picture of where you stand financially, then you should consider hiring one. You might also want to hire an accountant who has experience managing small businesses. This type of accountant knows what it takes to manage a small business and can help you avoid common mistakes (hint, hint).

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