Choosing the Right Accountant for Your Farming Business

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Robin Lamb | Published 27 February 2023 | Updated 14 March 2023

Farmers need accountants who understand the unique financial needs of their businesses and can help them make the most of their resources. From budgeting advice to tax planning, a savvy accountant can be invaluable in helping you maximise profits and ensure long-term success.

Maximise Profitability Through Real-Time Financial Data.

Your accountant can provide the real-time financial data you need to make better decisions about your farming business. They can help you create a budget to manage costs and ensure profits, prepare relevant tax returns, and give insights that could provide additional revenue streams or enhance your enterprise's efficiency. With the proper financial guidance, you can take advantage of any available tax breaks or credits to maximise profitability.

Streamline Administrative Duties.

A savvy accountant can help streamline your administrative duties as a farmer. Keeping precise records and staying up-to-date on changing rules and regulations can help reduce your reporting burden. Additionally, an accountant can provide valuable insight into the current financial health of your business and recommend strategies to improve it. This allows you to make the most effective use of your resources and create long-term success for your farming enterprise.

Create Effective Strategies for Tax Planning and Budgeting.

A savvy accountant can provide the knowledge and expertise needed to create a plan for optimal tax planning. They will be able to steer you through all forms of taxation and advise on practical budgeting tactics that ensure you're making the most out of your finances. A comprehensive understanding of how to maximise your farm's potential when filing taxes and maintaining an efficient budget is essential for any farming business. Working with a skilled accountant who understands the farming business cycle can ultimately lead to higher earnings and more financial freedom.

Help You Keep Track of All Business Expenses and Revenues.

With someone knowledgeable on board to manage your financials, you'll be better able to track the amount of money coming in from the business and what is being spent. This is especially important for farm businesses that incur costs for the herd, crop, equipment, fertiliser, and other agricultural assets. This can help you better understand where your money is being used productively and how profit margins look.

Analyse Your Accounts to Identify Problem Areas or Patterns in Your Business Operations.

A savvy accountant can help you analyse financial statements and reports to identify trends, changes or unexpected items that could impact your bottom line. They can assess how well you achieve critical performance criteria, such as return on investment or overall profitability. Your accountant can also be an excellent resource for helping you plan for the year ahead, analysing budgets and setting realistic goals.

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